Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yeah, well

I've been casting about for a topic for a couple of days now; so, what's in the net?

The schismatic heretic Schofield has "resigned", but still claims to be bishop of the diocese of San Joachim, Province of the Southern Cone. The Primate of all Nigeria, his indirect patron, responds to questions about ordering a massacre of women and children with a smile and a "no comment." , though he says Muslims don't have a monopoly on violence. Both are still invited to Lambeth this Summer, as is the bishop in the CoE who is notorious for declaring "Once you've had Black, you'll never go back." in reference to his serial Gay affairs, while the good family man, the Bishop of New Hampshire, may not go as an "official" guest because he is "immoral."

The two candidates for President (you don't think I'd count a Repiglikkin, do you?) are tied, and practically indistinguishable, and the MSM-created identity gotcha contest is practically the only subject of discussion, though Bob Herbert (one of the columnists the NYT has no reason to be ashamed of) pointed out this week the War has passed the 2 trillion mark, and will go to 3 trillion before anyone can imagine it will be stopped. The gain thus far has been to turn a tyranny into a failed state. The long-term obligations to the U S economy, should the Chinese allow us to meet them, will be considerably more. And only a few advocate televised drawing and quartering for the guilty parties, who are legion. Pre-existing illness, long-term illness, and being wiped out by corporate fiat are common forms of economic death in these United States.

Given the best of foreseeable worlds, Dubya will not start WWIII, but go quietly, leaving all this to his Democratic successor. Even with massive and unobstructed effort, some of the damage since the Reagan era will not be reversed. The destruction of the Constitution, the arbitrary seizure of power by the President, will not be relinquished by anyone in that office, for the best of reasons, of course.

I hang with and comment on a progressive feminist blog, where most are secular and a number declared Atheists or Agnostics. I love and respect them, I prefer their company, I was one myself many years ago, but I can no longer grasp what gets them up in the morning and through the day. From whence does their help come? Everywhere I look today I see human evil, in the church and without, in high-minded and gutter politics, in my own heart, for that matter; ya don't have to go looking for trouble: already here, and thriving.

So, if history is just "one damned thing after another", do I have any remedy, any advice? No, I don't "have" it, but I know where I'm looking for myself; you can take it or leave it: it's always been free.

37 For God will save Zion and rebuild the cities of Judah; *
they shall live there and have it in possession.

From today's Psalm in the Daily Office. Rulers fall, and the high are brought low, but the people, though they suffer, often unjustly, continue.

"Happy are they whose trust is in the Godde of Israel: Rachel and Leah"

paraphrase of Ps. 146

A peaceful night and a blessed end be to all of us


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Thanks Johnieb. 'Tis a worthy blog you've got here.

I was an agnostic from childhood until quite recently. I couldn't quite give up that last shred of hope and become an atheist. :)