Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day in Connecticut

One of the first things I did after moving last month was to go to Town Hall and register to vote in my new location. Later, I looked up the voting location on a map; it's a middle school in a part of town I ordinarily wouldn't go.

Late this morning, armed with the paper I got when I registered, I went looking and found the site with very little trouble ( passed the side street it was on, but looked and noticed the name as I passed, so I doubled back). I found a parking place close to the entrance and, though there was a steady trickle of people making their way to the entrance, there was no line outside, only a man with an Obama sign and a woman with a McCain sign standing in the proper place, quietly chatting with each other.

There wasn't a line inside either, and the registration paper saved me an extra step, as my ID (driver's license) still has my old address. One side, a paper ballot, and it was done within a minute or two.

I joined the sign carriers to chat for a few minutes, and joked about how congenial they seemed. They both said something like "Hey; we're all in this together."; it seemed courteous not to point out that was a Democratic point this year. Both were friends and veterans of many an election. I did remark that the lack of a line might be attributed to the fact that both campaigns make the same assumption about the way Connecticut's going; I don't suppose there are lines in Utah either.

In all, a low key and steady event: the way "Nutmeggers" like to think of themselves.


pj said...

We just won, Johnie! Big time!


Crimson Rambler said...

"steady as she goes" is a good thought in these times!

johnieb said...

Alas, CR, here in the LP we must change course quickly, or be dashed on the rocks.

With PJ and most of my other blog buds, I believe a) we can do it, and b) it will be good for voyagers on other ships.

Crimson Rambler said...

looking again at this post, I wondered, do you know Joseph Conrad's "Typhoon"?

johnieb said...

No, but that sounds like a recommendation.

it's margaret said...

hey johnieb --thinking of you!

hah--this is good. word verification: shtsme