Monday, December 22, 2008

Just in Time

I went to the Phoenix airport last Tuesday afternoon for my flight home. Regrettably, I neglected to observe one of the Prime Rulez for U S domestic flights: Nevah Accept a Connection Through Chicago between December 1st and April 1st, so I went back to Nimsey's (Daughter: short for "Lil Nimrod") for another night and another try, which brought me to the airport parking lot in Hartford at about 1:00 AM Thursday, with the cheerful holiday greeting from the shuttle driver "We gotta Big Storm comin' in tomorrow night, and another Sunday." After a half-hour of ice chopping, I was on the road with the basics running through my head: get Scarlett, go to pharmacy, re-stock larder. I finished about ten minutes before the first flakes fell in earnest; the above shot is from the front window Saturday morning.

Other than bringing a camera with an almost dead battery, not bringing my cellphone charger,
and the above, the trip went smoothly. I must figure out how to get some of the better pictures from Nimsey's e-mail to my photo file, as we depended on her camera, but I did get a couple before the battery died.

The big news was Carter Wonderbaby (shown) learning to crawl Sunday afternoon, which he repeated half-heartedly for Mommy's videocam, and refused to do for Daddy for the next day or so, perferring to sneak in practice while Daddy wasn't looking. For the experienced, he was at the rocking back and forth on hands and knees stage, and the raised on hands and push off straight-legged with feet stage, which he often enjoyed, but which produced no forward motion, which eventually annoyed him on occasion.

I have been recovering over Lamb and a Lobster, Shrimp, and Whitefish Gratin with Leeks and Carrots; I shall have to ask Paul and Jane to allow me to join the Mutual Workout Encouragement Society and Camp Meeting soon. And get myself to church Wednesday night.

A Blessed End of Advent and Joyous Christmas to all y'all from Miz Scarlett (also shown) and me.


Jane R said...

Oh myohmy! Welcome back, JohnieB Gourmet!

That is one fiiiiine photo of Miz Scarlett, and she does have a "not a moment too soon, you sumbitch" look in her eyes. As for Carter Wonderbaby, hurrah and what an energetic babe he is. I see some joie de vivre there, for sure.

Miss Maya P. just jumped on the desk and thus sends her feline greetings to you and yours. And a blessed end of Advent. Stay warm and watch yourself on the ice when you go out. (Better yet: don't go out.)

johnieb said...

Not going out has been my strategy so far, but the coast appears to be clear, or more so than I anticipated.

I think I mentioned: Miz Scarlett has decided Papa's lap is a good place to rest, at least in this chair (with an Ottoman), which led to a close-up. She also likes he chair, to the point I may be able to re-cycle the one I acquired by the same means: from the curb.

Does a Lobster Omelet, with leeks and left over oil from Artichokes sound good?

Jane R said...


Your word recognition thingie is "crablet." !! Someone is having far too much fun with these.

Crimson Rambler said...

Good to know you got home safe and ahead of the storm.

Padre Mickey said...

That cat photo is the best! Okay, cute baby photo is good, too, specially with the horseplay going on in the background.

johnieb said...

Is not horseplay; is adorable grandson # two's big brother at jiu-jitsu, trying to whup a grrrl two years younger than he.

How does Ms. Bebe feel 'bout younger menz? Carter is 7 months.

Padre Mickey said...

Depends, what kind of livestock are you offering, and how many?

johnieb said...

Ya wants 'em live? I ask only in seeking to assist the primary parties: his parents, though I'm certainly good for a goose, provided the intent is friendly, or an odd duck.