Monday, February 4, 2008

The Monday before "Super" Tuesday

Just in time for tomorrow's "big doin's", Robin Morgan has written a sequel to her justly famous 1970 essay "Goodbye To All That". There is a link if you haven't read it, or, at least, not recently. Those without first-hand memories of the American Left c. 1970 may need a bit of help with the latter, which is provided in the link, which can be found by clicking on the title of this post.

Worth a read no matter how you vote--you do plan to vote, don't you, when given the chance? Even if only to "Resist the lies of Reaganism", as a button a friend of mine grabbed before me once put it.

And a grateful H/T to one of the best womanbloggers on das 'Net, Egalia of Tennessee Guerilla Women, which is to say the best, period; all y'all stop by and visit, ya hear?


Jane R said...

Ooh, JohnieB, excellent link and blog. At first I wasn't sure where the link was since your links don't show up underlined, but then I realized it was the headline at the top of your post, duh. I am a little slow with this cold and heavy head thing.

Which will not stop me from making at least one hundred crepes for tonight's mardi gras party -- the 35th annual Jane crepes party if you please.

But I have to go correct some assignments now because I didn't get them done yesterday because a) I was feeling sick and tired in the evening and b) we had yet another finalist in town and I was with her and my department on and off all day and early evening, with a break for a seminar I taught in the middle of the day and four pastoral-care-related phone calls. Yeesh.

I'm with the BB, I want to hibernate. Or a sabbatical would be nice.

johnieb said...


I can't speak for Paul, of course, but your "to do" list is enough to drive me into permanent hibernation.

Yeah, I've been an admirer of Morgan since WITCH and the first "Goodbye to All That" in RAT. Her poetry is also worth a look, IMRVHO.

pj said...

Mwah, Johnieb. Thank you for linking to this.