Friday, February 8, 2008

My First Troll

A review of my older posts reveals a particularly noxious troll has shown up here, as expected. Therefore, I must reluctantly begin to screen comments as best I can; perhaps more experienced friends have suggestions as to Better Troll Management Techniques? (BTMT)


FranIAm said...

I have had two trolls. One was a repeat offender, who would just come by and trash my posts.

He was really annoying because he would cut and paste and say "You said: " blalalalala" and then he would say "But the truth is: blalallala" Ugh.

Know it alls. As an American liberal and a Catholic I have enough issues with that kind of mindset!

I kept throwing him off and he would come back. Other bloggers came to my aid, sometimes with strong language, those lefty types at my place.

Finally he left and polluted other blogs and was gone. I just saw him at my friend's blog today. I don't want him back. I just delete his comments.

Then I had a troll that Padre Mickey (one of my earliest blog pals and my connection to you all) affectionately called "The Buttsex Troll." Which was apropos.

I see you have comment moderation up. There is not much more you can do.

Ugh. Odious people.

Thanks for coming by today and I have thoroughly been enjoying your blog. I just added you to my blogroll and unless you moderate my comments out, I will be back!

(franiam is smiling!)

Kirstin said...

Dress up as a spider, and hide behind the bookshelf. Jump out at the first sign of trollery.

Nina said...


They don't bother if they know it will never see daylight.

Jane R said...

Everything okay, JohnieB? I see you've turned on comments moderation. It's the reasonable thing to do under the circumstances, though a bit of a pain in the patootie. I had a troll once and a few bits of spam and didn't bother with comments moderation, but it all depends on the level of noxiousness and the frequency. You've done the right thing if the troll was a nasty one. (I looked about a bit and couldn't find him/her so I assume you deleted the comment. Or I didn't look hard enough.) Paul has comments moderation and we all still visit :-).

Happy weekend to you.

pj said...

It wasn't me!

Tag, if you're into it.

johnieb said...

It's back on "What Happened". He accuses me of threatening him on another blog, which is rubbish, but one of the annoying things about him is selective quoting. That, and he claims to believe Bush belongs on Mt. Rushmore.

Y'all don't need more, I trust? Sorry; I didn't know where the "ya got stuff to moderate" signal was; I wuz wondering where everybody went!

johnieb said...

So that's what that little trash can icon to the right does: good to know.

Kirstin said...

You can also set it so you get e-mails when you get comments, even when you've got them on moderation. Then you just click on the link that says "Post," or not, and we all can keep talking to each other. :-)

This'll get easier, really.

Paul said...

Yes, it will get easier. Every comment comes to me in e-mail first, which is why y'all may wonder why a comment takes a while to appear, though when I'm not working I am usually on the computer all day. I then post or not as I feel led. I have, over the past couple of years, deleted very few comments. Two were just obnoxious, a few were spam, and one was legit but I mistook it for spam and nuked it anyway. All in all not too big a deal if you keep a handle on it as you go. Best wishes with it.

Nice to have you blogging, johnieb!

FranIAm said...

Sorry you have been troubled by trolls but it seems you are on the road to troll-freedom!

This is a most lovely blog and I am so glad to be reading it.

Thank you.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Johnie B.,

Just delete their comments at random. Leave a couple of them up then delete a couple others. It will make them look even more bafoonish than they already do.

Then when they start crying about it just say, "wow, I don't know what happened- I never did anything. Must have been Blogger". Then delete any responses to that.

It worked at Appalachian Greens, anyway.

johnieb said...

Thanks, Elvis, and good to see ya, bro!

Sounds like a good next step, if needed.