Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gardens in a pot

OK: enough letting the adorable duo keep the place open (and didn't they do a fine job? A hand for the lads, if you please.); Grandpa Johnie has to write something, and, while awaiting permission for a more serious and belated Memorial Day post, here's some whimsy (without the formidable Miss Vane)

Gardening in a third floor walk up in town long after Osteoarthritis has set in requires ruthless practicality; ya aint gonna grow peas (Southern or those nice lil Yankee things), pole beans, squash, eggplant, lettuces, or much of anything, in fact: not even tomatoes (I've tried: not worth it). You must put your efforts in minimal and minimalist directions; it also helps to have a good greengrocer/ plant seller nearby.

Thus the herb garden under whatever windows are available, or can be made so. This weekend I bought and potted Spring Onions, Chives, Marjoram, Sage, Peppermint and Thyme. (A photo may follow when I learn to load stuff onto the 'puter). For reasons personal to my supplier (he's a recent Widower) Rosemary and some of the others I may usually expect weren't available, so I looked at the stuff outside Whole Paycheck this evening while picking up some Sole for dinner. The Rosemary and Lavender looked OK, but how often (and for what) do I use fresh Oregano (it was Greek, though)? Savory, I haven't seen. What am I leaving out? Basil? Too much hassle for a bunch--maybe for the occasional Marinara, but not for Pesto or other bulk uses. A nice little Bay tree would be lovely.

These are partly rhetorical--brainstorming aloud--and partly an at-large question; what have you grown in pots? Any tricks,or advice you'd share.

Our lines are open and ready to receive your call.


Fran said...

I am the wrong person to ask but I can't wait to see what you hear from others.

Those kids are too cute, so they can lead the blog any time!

johnieb said...

I thought Grandpa Johnie ought to relieve them, but I confess I sometimes visit my own blog just to admire their pictures!

Less than a week now, and definitely counting: not counting minutes (yet).

Anonymous said...

It's nice to have something that smells good. Just a thought. Good luck with your garden JohnieB

pj said...

Oregano goes well in any tomato-based Italian sauce. A little goes a long way, though. Other than that, you know better than I do.

I was looking at your grandsons again. How I miss the days of the tiny blue one-sie! My son was born at the end of June so we have zillions of those things. We ought to donate them somewhere now that Jr. is GIGANTIC, but I can't bring myself to.

johnieb said...

Don't tell anybody, but I have a disposable diaper in that size that's almost exactly ten years old!

Sentimental old bugger, I am.

The Cunning Runt said...


I have the World's Brownest Thumb, and can kill ANYTHING, and have a kitchen full of potted mortuaries to prove it!

But year after year, I grow a window box full of Greek oregano, sage and thyme, and I have mint, basil and chives in my garden. They all find themselves in my dinners, and I like the fact that I've grown them organically and pick them minutes from the time of their consumption.

Oh, and I have a little rosemary bush in a pot on the porch; I seldom use it in cooking, but I love the way it smells, and manhandle it a bit whenever I pass it by. :)