Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Updates: May 13th, '08

I'll be out for a few hours (it's almost Noon); SIL at home says "best time: yes!" almost 0900 his time (and his first! He sounds excited!)

See all y'all later.

2:28 PM EDT, three hours ahead of Phoenix. I tried calling the home and Daughter's numbers, which are in "message" mode. SIL and I were probably too excited to remember how we were going to stay in touch. I expect they are in the middle, perhaps at the Birthing Center, and I will hear as soon as there's any news.

3:20 PM

I found my SIL's phone number, and left a message: just afternoon, Phoenix time. Continuing prayers for all.

3:47 pm

don't you just love it when things start to happen a bit, when you've been waiting? SIL just called from the birthing room: pains 2 minutes apart and "growing stronger" (lovely euphemism, isn't it?), 80 % dilated. 1 cm across (10 is max). I read this as systems go and running, though marked by who knows what fear, hope, love? I expect things to begin to hop, (is that a Regionalism?) so there may not be time to share news for a bit from their end. SIL will pass the knowledge of your prayers and support to daughter, who requested them for her struggle.

I'm not sure there's been a final decision on by what name he shall be called.

Anxious: who? Me?

10:12 PM

Daughter just called from Phoenix, , sounding like an old hand, with the new baby crying in the background. Both are fine; he was born about two hours ago: 4:30 Phoenix time.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.


Crimson Rambler said...

a propos of nothing in your post, johnieb -- but in re CHERVIL. I've never found it difficult to grow, I bought a little pot and heeled it into the ground sort of by the fence...it goes to seed really fast and self-seeds quite successfully in the corner where I stuck it. Nice to have it fresh because it doesn't dry or freeze worth a darn.

johnieb said...

Perhaps our warmer temperatures in Southern New England (weeks in the Nineties now, don't you know?) may make it difficult, or perhaps I have been, like Rick In Casablanca, "misinformed", or maybe whatever.

Thanks for the Shout from the GWN. Polar blankin Bears: la!

susan s. said...

Just checkin' in, Johnieb. All this talk of dilation brings back the memories of almost 33 years ago. I'm hopin' that 80% means 8 cms. It moves fairly fast after that.

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted.
Prayers for all.

Jane R said...

My Momma grew lots of chervil in the summers in Vermont. We had it in salads.

Must be baby season. My friend Algernon's fiancee just went into labor on the West Coast.

Hope all goes well!

Paul said...

Congratulations, Grandsire! Will the new lad be named Chervil, by any chance? (It is so hard to keep up with these threads.)

Very happy for you, friend. May all the generations thrive!

Kirstin said...

Wonderful! Welcome to the world, little one!

pj said...

Woohoo! Congratulations, Grampa! We baby-freaks would like to know size and weight, please. :) :) :)

susan s. said...

Yay, Yay!!!!!!!

Kate Morningstar said...

What? No pictures?

What kind of Grampa are you?

I'm so happy for you, JohnieB, and for your whole, expanded family.

johnieb said...

Pictures must follow soon, or Daddy will be disappointed, not that that's the end of the world as we know it.

Peedge, didna I say? 7 lbs. 8.4 oz, 19 inches and something, but the due date was the 25th.

Chervil has not been mentioned as a name; I think the process is already slowed by too many opinions, and therefore will wait to see what Mom and Dad say, as is meet and right.

All seems very well at this time: thank you all.

June Butler said...

Yay! Thanks be to God.

Jane R said...

Congrats, Grand-père, Abuelito, Avo, Opa! Glad to hear all went well and everyone is chirping away.

And now you can even get some sleep, though you may be too excited :-).

Ach, everyone is impatient in this digital age. Doubtless there will be photos soon. What we really will want to see is Grandpappy JohnieB with the little one in his arms, when you go visit.

Paul, I rather like the name Chervil. Why hasn't any hippie thought of this before? It would sound great at the day care center. Chervil! Don't steal Breeze's vegan sushi roll! Plus it has a kind of aristocratic ring to it. King Chervil the Fourth. Or perhaps it's a saint. Saints Chervil and Borage, Healers. I don't think they were martyrs. More like patrons of salad and soup. Okay, I have definitely had extra caffeine, can you tell? Back to my writing. Maya Pavlova had no caffeine at all and she was a hellion all today. Don't know what got into her. But she has calmed down at last. Does Miz Scarlett the Cat know she has become a... what is she, an aunt?

johnieb said...

I think a niece, since her first papa was whatever his name's going to be's big brother, though I have not presented the news to her Supremeness yet. She has been such a good cat today, perhaps a trip to the Vet is in order.

I expect there will be pictures of Gran-pere holding him within a month or so. I must make the reservations, which will take a bit longer.

I am making the effort to wind down, but it may be a little while yet.

Fran said...

Praise be to Godde who is so good!

Johnieb this is wonderful - prayers and blessings in abundance to all of you.

The gift of a new life is a most precious one indeed. I pray for all the possibilities for this new light to our world.

Kirstin said...

Jane, I adore you. :-)

Diane M. Roth said...

Congratulation, grandpa! And now, I offer you my grandmother's wise words when my nephew was born: "I guess we all got promoted!"

Crimson Rambler said...

I am so pleased for you and your family and so grateful that the wee'un is safely arrived, a very nice size, "skookum" enough and not too unwieldy-big. No, I'm not proposing Skookum as a name either, altho' it's entirely laudatory.
Sorry to have distracted everybody with my haverings about chervil. It just probably needs SOME sun, not TOO stinkin' hot, and some benign neglect...

johnieb said...

The diversion was welcome; just see where this crew took it!

Anonymous said...

I heard the good news over at Paul's place. Mazl Tov, JohnnieB... blessings on all.

Unknown said...

Saw your news at MP's. Congratulations! I'm so jealous!

Love and light to your daughter, SIL and the new babe...and you, of course!

johnieb said...

Ah Pagan,

you can get yer own, no matter how SG1 works things out; neither my daughter nor my grandsons is genetically related to me, which troubles us not a whit.

You meet a baby, and you become his/ her Gran-mere; ya work with the parent(s) on this, which you must do regardless, and ya goes on from there.

Besides, SG1's partner may want to bear a child, or they may decide to adopt. However babies come into yer life, ya welcome them.

Maybe "impatient" and not "jealous"?

Doorman-Priest said...