Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pictures AZ 06/03-06/10

Apres le bain
, what does every baby turn to when wrapped in a nice clean towel? Bien sur, la merde!

Dad and the boys. Peter is a step-son to Jeff, but it looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship, for which I am very grateful.

Mother and sons; Dad barely visible on the right.

Carter on the floor in his infant playpen: awake for once

Peter and Jasmine at Ju-Jitsu; she is a little older and larger and just as skilled, so they push each other's growth.


Jane R said...

Love the photos!!!

P.S. It's la merde.

P.P.S. But did he pee in your face? The joy of changing baby boys!

June Butler said...

Wonderful pictures of a beautiful family. And just look at you down below, acting as though you know what you're doing with that precious bébé. Did he barf on you? I see that you're all protected.

johnieb said...

Darn it! I looked up le bain, but I didn't think to look for la merde. I know from baby boys: My Godson once drenched Arnold and me both from 5-6 feet away! (Ignore this, Ethan) It really is amazing how far male infants can piss: approach with caution!

Mimi; of course he did, more than once. Mama feeds him; Grandpa Johnie shakes him and pats his butt. Acting AS IF I know what I'm doing; madame, you wound me!

Who wants to smell like used breast milk?

Fran said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous- really beautiful family.

Godde bless you all!!!

pj said...

Well, used breast milk doesn't smell nearly as gross as used formula. (Easier to replace, too.)

Beautiful Mommy, beautiful family. :)

June Butler said...

Well, used breast milk doesn't smell nearly as gross as used formula.

You got that right, PJ. The poop from breast milk babies doesn't smell as bad, either.

johnieb said...

I haven't cared for a Formula baby in fifty years, so my memory's a little shaky.

Grandpa really doesn't mind, whichever end it comes from!

Anonymous said...

Awwww..precious all the way around - even the grandpa!

Paul said...

Thanks for letting us share in your familial happiness. Blessings on one and all.