Sunday, June 22, 2008

Too Much of A Good Thing Is Just What I Had in Mind

Here's the end result; I must make a note that Blogger wants to upload these in reverse order. Software rulez. Perfectly delicious, so far--I haven't started dessert--and so easy to do; I do know that cranking it out for a family is a different story, and nobody has time to shop, but I still wonder, what's so peculiar about eating this way?

Peach, bing cherries, and raspberries w/ fresh Chevre, Cod en papilotte with fresh scallions, peas and asparagus dressed with olive oil.

You might say it began with a friend's mentioning of Catfish en papillote, but it's probably more accurate to at least mention clean dishes vanishing before my very eyes and, hey, ya gotta have at least a knife to spread the peanut butter, right? So I like to think it's a reward for a clean kitchen, including pitching the soupy greens in the crisper and forgiving myself for wasting food, and adding a few plants to the back porch; really, though, it has to do, more than anything else with the rich blessing Godde pours out this time of year: cherries, peaches, and raspberries with fresh Chevre is dessert, and dinner, besides the fish, is fresh green peas and beautiful asparagus from the Great White North. Thanks, Canada!

Shelling peas was a common task in my childhood: sitting on the front porch after breakfast with a big bowl full of purple hull peas to be cooked for lunch. Most of the day's cooking would be done by 10:00am or so; supper (the evening meal) was often made up cold, though stovetop cooking could be a part. Then, shelling peas was a chore; now, it seems a homey pleasure: as good as eating them.

Some of the new additions don't show--dill and oregano are behind the sage on the upper shelf, Lavender is in the window, and Rosemary in the back of the lower shelf.


Fran said...

Today I have seen a glimpse of heaven...

Ahh, it is sublime.

Thank you Johnieb!

Unknown said...

I think I could not resist eating dessert first, in this case.

Yours in Peace,

June Butler said...

Johnieb, I'm sure the food is delicious, but how would I know? However, your presentation - c'est magnifique!

Anonymous said...

johnieB, this is from palhart.

As a little girl, my mother would say that I had to shell as many peas (butter beans or field peas) as I wanted to eat. After doing that, she's say help me by shelling a little more (caught me!). I would shell (in the den) more peas along with her. After eating these peas always cooked in fat-back, I should be dead with concrete-hard arteries by now!

Hey, I want to eat all my meals at your house, s'il vous plait.

johnieb said...


what a delight to hear from ya over here. Yeah, it's taken me a long time to learn these lil Green Yankee things aren't too shabby fresh, and they bring back the memories.