Sunday, February 17, 2008

Different Cheeses in the House Quiz

What's in yer house right now? Here's mine,


Fruli Pecorino Romano

Gorganzola Dulce


Petit Basque (sheep's milk)

Raclette: a Swiss good for melting


Unknown said...

Philadelphia cream cheese, the wife likes in on Pan de Sal. I cut way down on cheese when I started reading the nutritional information, cheese is just chock-a-block full of "bad" fat. I might indulge in an extra-sharp cheddar or some Monterey Jack on a rare occasion and sometimes I will spurge on fresh shredded cheeses for pasta. But these are sometime treats. Hate to say it but my most common contact with cheese is in cheeseburgers-also a sometimes treat.
I will also comment that you are taking your blog in a very interesting direction; one part self-revelation two parts "the food channel"

johnieb said...

It's drifting that way at the moment, but next week--who knows? --maybe some History or (ugh!) current politics.

Several of these are for occasional, specific use: i.g., the Romano grated on pasta, which tends to be there for a month or so. It sometimes gets a little dry at the end. It's fairly unusual to have this many on hand at once.

No Cheezburger no more fer me.

Paul said...

Well, I would have to run downstairs for a full inventory, but off the top of my head, I'd say:
Extra sharp Tillamook
Danish blue
(I just finished off the Armenian string cheese yesterday)
And somehow I am sure there must be one or two more.

Oh yes, I am a major cheese lover. I don't eat that much meat but I do love my cheese (and butter).

Earthbound Spirit said...

Paul's list has me salivating. The Tillamook at the top just transported me back to some pleasant memories.

Here in the city I have some Muenster, some Havarti, and a tub of romano/parmesan mixed. There might be some brie left from my daughter - and some chevre. Mmmmm.....cheese.

Johnie - is that Rachette or Raclette?

johnieb said...

Could be.

Paul said...

I did forget the brie.

Crimson Rambler said...

I just tried Taleggio, it's LOOOOOOVELY...

johnieb said...

Tis indeed; I buy little Brie these days, as I prefer the Taleggio. Not sayin' that's gonna last for long: who knows?

Anonymous said...


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