Saturday, February 23, 2008

Everything Except Bread

Shopping was a day late this week, and I was out of everything, but Kathy the Baker (not an academy award winner, though she deserves it) couldn't make it up from the coast due to inclement weather, so I'm without baguettes and foccaccia; nonetheless, I shall try to struggle through somehow with the following resupplied (I can always make biscuits). Kathy is one of those mid-career professional dropouts who really should be said to have finally bloomed into her calling; she makes the best bread in Connecticut. I'd be a lot more open to a warmer climate if she ever (shudder) retires.

the list ( I don't make one, except as a "don't forget thing; I have to look and feel what's there)

fingerling potatoes
Red Chard
sugar snaps
lemon grass
haricots verts
D'anjou pears
a good English Cheddar
more Raclette & Fruli Romano (I made sauce last night)
bran muffins
a whole grain loaf
3 Scallops (1/2 lb.: beautiful)
a pound of Cod fillet
Sweet Italian sausage
1/2 lb. bacon
2 pork chops
whole grain pasta: Spagetti, Penne Rigate, Chiocciole (Bionaturae is the best tasting)

And potables

2005 Marsannay (Burgundy for the cellar: tasted in store; still too tight to drink)
2004 Jean Baptiste Adam Reisling D'Alsace Reserve
2006 D. Pedro De Soutomaior Albarino Bias Baixas (from Galicia, the part of Spain that's above Portugal: marvelous with seafood, especially shellfish)
Manzanilla Sherry
Tiz Red, a light California Red blend recommended by my merchant
2005 Les Cotes Dolt Cahors

I feel better with the larder at least partly filled


Paul said...

No focaccia or baguettes? Good Godde, man, I'll pray for you.

Of tonight for dinner chez mon ex. (Finest restaurant in town) I will take a bottle of Rosenblum zinfandel (we both love reds).

Your larder seems beautifully furnished except for that bread emergency. Bon appetit! (Is it possible NOT to imagine that phrase in Julia's voice?)

johnieb said...

That's the way I always hear it!

Yeah, plenty of cheese and no baguettes. I may bend and buy a pale imitation before the end of the week.

June Butler said...

Pardon, mon cher, c'est "haricots verts", s'il vous plaƮt.

It's a fine list, but for the bread.

Did you know that the word "Zydeco" comes from "les haricots"?

johnieb said...

No, I did not; thank you.

Merde! (Is that correct?) Off to correct (damn machine!)

June Butler said...

That's right, Johnieb. You got that one right. Why am I not surprised?

Crimson Rambler said...

re: les haricots verts...known in some greengrocers (=produce shops) in the Italian part of Toronto as "i grini bini"...I'm not making this up...

johnieb said...

I should hope not!

Jane R said...


Making lentil soup for my students. Lean week, just before payday, but we gotta eat.

I want me some of those wines!

I agree with you about the Bionaturae pasta, by the way. Got some on my shelf. :-)

Jane R said...

P.S. I discovered yesterday that a local (which here means 4 miles away, grrrrr) bakery makes really good ciabatta.

johnieb said...

My Greengrocer/ farm, which is also one of the places Kathy the Baker "exhibits," :-) is about 25 miles round trip. It does help to have them together--it just didn't work this week.

I thought you might like the wine list. I figure the Burgundy will have to be down for at least a couple of years: longer will surely be better.

pj said...

So, uh, when you invitin' us over for dinner? And I mean all of us. We're hungry.

Me want baguette, good English cheddar, d'anjou pear. You keep tempeh and tofu for you self, tho.

johnieb said...

If it's "us", sweetcakes, there's no room; I live in a tiny little garret with no table nor chairs, nor any room for "laptop" buffet.

Another good reason to move, huh? 'cause I'd really like to have all y'all over for a wee nosh, though we'll have to plan well ahead, as the Crazy Ass Priest doesn't fly, if I remember correctly. Maybe Cullum and Mz MP will represent them.

But, if I move, Scarlett will need months to quit peeing on everything she can reach, I suspect. Problems, problems.

Jane R said...

Well, you could haul ass over to PJ's and cook for all of us there. (Nothing like inviting ourselves to one person's house to be cooked for by another!)

Fran said...

You are fortunate that I do not spend as much time in CT as I used to. I might have to start showing up as an uninvited guest for the company and the food that I would find.

And I always bring wine. Always!

Of course I always drink it too!

johnieb said...

Well, as soon as I can talk PJ or Klady into being host, I'll cook and you bring the wine, how's that?

I didna think it was fair to ask you ti be the host for a few months!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed by your pantry! Our neighbourhood has a new cheese shop: a great place to spend a bundle, & they even have wine suggestions for each cheese, for us novices. As for baguettes, my b-in-law used to make his own after he left New Orleans. Now that's hard-core.

johnieb said...

I DO have a new pizza stone, but Kathy has spoiled me; perhaps a savory Galette. As I think I said, I'm skeptical of the "wine and cheese are a natural together" thing. The Petit Basque is nice with a Chardonnay, but I tend to prefer the unoaked wines. The only way not to spend a bundle is to buy small amounts; even then it can be expensive.

I suppose I could make my own, if I moved or if Kathy quits (which seems most unlikely).

Jane R said...

So what do you plan to make with the celeriac? Inquiring minds want to know. (Inquiring minds said to hell with light eating and made ourselves a serious huge bowl of pasta with butter and cheese. When life gets rough, have comfort food. The pasta was Bionaturae whole wheat, so I can rationalize.)

johnieb said...

I use it most often as I would celery, in sauces and soups. (The pasta sauce has some, with carrots) I think I've seen a gratin, which intrigued me, but it'd be quite a search to find the recipe.

Yeah, responding minds were a little indulgent with the pasta today, too: Red Sauce with onions, anchovies, and cream. No excuses; just appetite.