Thursday, February 7, 2008

Resurrection: Practice, Practice, Practice

I realized my comment in response to y'all on the previous post was turning into a rant of thanks, (?) but--hey, if ya can't rant on yer own blog, why blog at all, right?

Thanks, all y'all, for the kind help and support. It's helped me to begin to come to terms with it, I think. I have a right to my anger. I need not follow my old way of acquiescing and stuffing it, to have it emerge in self-destruction. You have shown me just how alone I was then, by showing me that I'm not alone now; thanks be to Godde, and all of y'all.

I remember reading Nora Gallagher's account of her discernment process in *Practicing Resurrection* a year or two ago, and have only just come to realize that I read it as fantasy:

"Discernment Process"?!!!!

There was nothing in it that felt like discernment at any stage, then or now, unless you count the members of the Committee looking for a way to make an unpleasant choice, so they could go back to their day jobs. It was, from beginning to end, a process of judgment by the Diocesan Committee I, and nothing more. Help to discern the action of Holy Wisdom in my life?

Spiritual abuse.


Kirstin said...

Yours is far from the first horror story I've heard. This is all ahead of me, and at times it scares me witless.


Fran said...

I am glad that you have found your posting about this cathartic. You seem like a genuinely good person dear Johnieb, I send you my on-going prayers.