Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'd Like to Thank PJ

instead of the rest of youse bums; I mighta never got picked for de Bootifull award.


Thanks to all my wonderful internet friends, and mom and apple pie and this grate land of ours and of course godde... (Gratuitous cummings reference) And to da nice Creator of this thing, very little of whose blog I am able to read, but Padre vouches for her, and we all know what's dat worth?

Ahem. Many of my choices are those who have already gotten named, but some of the omissions (so far as I yet know) cannot stand

1) Mimi at Wounded Bird ( I'd rather think she's already been chosen and I've missed it than to believe nobody's named her yet.

2) Wormwood's Doxy ( The blogger name alone would be ample reason, but there's the person behind it: tough, bright, deep and compassionate. Not the most prolific, but always one of the best.

3) The Cunning Runt at Little Bang Theory ( Good dinners, fun friends, and the best Nature Photographs I know, except for that one recent lapse indoors! Go there and see for yersef.

4) Like some of the others, hardly overlooked, and for good reason, Tobias at In a Godward Direction ( You wanna understand stuff?

5) Only one more!?? This is impossible! OK, now the curve, not a blog exactly, but the website for the Washington bureau of McClatchy newspapers, which is practically the only consistent evidence that investigative journalism as an institution has not yet died in the U S (

As soon as tech support gets back to me, I'll make this all purty and like it's 'pposed to be, mostly. Imperialist rule mongers.


Fran said...

Bravo Johnieb - you are a work of art and so it your blog!

johnieb said...

Easy on the Martinis, Fran!

Thanks; you know it's true of you.

June Butler said...

Johnieb, I am honored beyond what I can express. Thank you. I simply cannot choose five blog amongst the many that I admire, (I cannot, truly, no BS) you are free to pass the honor on to someone else, love.

Crimson Rambler said...

wonderful and thank you for the homage to cummings -- "and of course godde" -- that would make a blog title, wouldn't it?

The Cunning Runt said...

Oh! johnieb. Thanks!

Um,... ok, so now what happens?

Dang, I just don't get it.

johnieb said...

Well, ya get the pretty poster, and to honor a few of your lesser-read, perhaps, but most deserving of attention blogging palz.

Yer right, of course, Mimi. Even the roll on the right needs more attention; it's always a work in progress, doncha know?

Speaking of the deserving, Crimson R. be one, for sure; I mean, five, for pity's sake. Fifty is hard enough; it's like choosing your favorite books, or films, but more personal.

I'm gonna eat supper: much the same as Sunday, except it's Couscous & Salmon w/ Scallions and Lovage & Chablis.

Thanks be to all who pass this way.

liturgy said...

Maybe by this time next year
might be worthy of this...

pj said...

You're welcome, Johnieb. I dig the e.e. reference, too. He's one of my fave raves.

You know, the only reason I didn't pick Grandmère Mimi my own self is that I was sure she had an entire case of Artey Picos. (I love that guy, Artey.) Seriously though.

johnieb said...

Artey had a good act; he coulda been a contender.

Yeah, I looked around first, and I thought about leaving her out to make a place for others, but that only goes so far, ya know?

this cummings guy was another upper-class new england whack job, but in a good way, ya know?

June Butler said...

Hi. I'm here. My ears were buzzing. You folks are too kind, but I can't do any kind of passing on, emails, memes, whatever, except prayer requests. I'm always happy to do that. I'm one of God's odd ones.

Oh, and one day I'll pass on to that "better place". I won't have a choice.

johnieb said...

That's what you git for listenin', you naughty thing!