Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Poetic Justice: Dreaming for Action.

Part Two: The Transformation of Energy

Older people remember a time when no aspect of life was planned around energy use. Children did not learn in school how to grow and prepare their food; almost all transportation, over long distances, used the oxidation of fossil fuels as the energy source; end use of products were "off the books", generating enormous material waste in "landfills".

At first, only a few "tree-huggers" sought comprehensive change; then, as more people began to look for ways to escape endless commutes in expensive SUVS, local solutions began to appear. City councils and legislatures were driven to provide alternatives, and some long-cherished privileges were lost. Innovations were difficult at first, then local efforts began to combine, and demand grew that obstacles be eliminated. The economic boon to areas that cooperated was made known by the new entrepreneurs.

The solutions were coordinated with public-private consortiums to develop renewable energy sources; the new systems were mandated to use a rapidly rising percentage of "clean" energy, creating a major market. On the private level, major public funds were directed to low-cost loans, privately administered, for green construction and renovation, and for R & D. The new companies formed to provide the services provided new and productive work, partnering with educational institutions for their training programs.

Though the transformation is far from complete, it is well underway, and well-established; today wind turbines are far more common than "gas stations", and private vehicle ownership is far less common: most people don't want the bother, though there are still specialized uses. Gardens connected to schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces are commonplace.


Anonymous said...

On either side of my library entrance, they've planted beans, flowers, and sunflowers for a project for the children and us older patrons.

I want to wish you a happy BIG day tomorrow, old boy!

I've sent 3 comments since Saturday and none of them were published. And I had spent so much time making them special. O, well, if this message isn't received I'm going to start sending cuss words and naughty messages.

One thing is true, you the Leo are creative, proud, and super cool, but can also be bossy, pushy and arrogant. And you're older than me by 36 4/7th weeks!

johnieb said...

This is the first one I've seen, and, BTW, which Alice?

johnieb said...

Naughty messages are always welcome. Ask anybody. :-)

The project I had in mind was developed by the famous Chef Alice Waters for the Oakland schools.

Anonymous said...

This Alice is palhart/artemis who's commenting about the library garden project.

johnieb said...

Thanks, Alice. I have a facebook friend who shares my love of Howlin' Wolf, and we just had an exchange, so I wasn't sure.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Howlin' Wolf, but played some of his music on youtube just now. People have their own favorites. The blues that has gotten me through the dems primary season has been BB King's "The Thrill is Gone." Of the 79,646 hits it's gotten on youtube, I have played it at least 46 times in the last 5 months.

I had spinach ravioli tonight for supper because I craved it after seeing your picture of it. Scallops are too expensive.

johnieb said...

They are a seldom treat around here. My favorite Blues artists are Wolf, Muddy, Pinetop Perkins (who played piano for both), Lightnin' Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, and Bessie Smith. And Robert Johnson, of course. And several others I'm not well acquainted with yet, like Charlie Patton, Sonny Boy Williamson, and Son House.

Probably others, too.

it's margaret said...

A blessed day Johnieb!!!

johnieb said...

Thank you, Margaret, and don't I have the most totally cool Matron Saint ever? If Ida spent my whole life thinkin' on it, I am sure I still woulda picked the Apostle to the Apostles: the Mother of us all. I do feel so blessed in this, for, without her witness, there wouldn't be any of us.

Thanks be to Godde, who delivered our Sister Maryam of Magdala, and gave her grace to lead us all through the power of the Holy Wisdom, poured out for and through us all.

Crimson Rambler said...

many happy returns, johnieb!

johnieb said...

Thanks, CR!