Saturday, July 12, 2008

Scarlett's Avocations

Poppa, make it come down and play!

They're still around; I'm sure of it!

One of Scarlett's pleasures is find moths to play with her. She works very hard at persuading them that it will be as much fun for them as for her, but this rarely has much effect, much to poor Scarlett's displeasure.

Last night, there was an especially large specimen, which she very much wished to examine, but it insisted on remaining on the ceiling: taunting poor Scarlett, who began to mewl every few seconds to express her frustration and displeasure: damned bug! After a bit, Poppa decided he might perhaps swat at the creature and encourage it to fly lower and more slowly: alas! Preliminary ballistics estimates indicate that Poppa may have gotten too much of the critter with the old T-shirt-- the tool of choice; though the remains were not found, much to Scarlett's disappointment, it is possible it ended up in the wastebasket, where she disdains to look: TBTG.

Nonetheless, Scarlett continued in hope, scanning the room for some time, and springing up the wall in attempts to capture what Poppa could not see.


Jane R said...

GREAT photos. My favorite so far of Miz Scarlett.

Poppa cannot see all that Miz Scarlett sees. She has The Power of Cat Vision. But Poppa's got the t-shirt.

Unknown said...

Scarlett is a pretty one! And aren't you a good poppa to help her achieve maximum entertainment. :-)

I miss my cats but we have several family members with allergies so I must remain kitty-less.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a pretty cat.

My dog likes to catch whatever flies wander into the house. He gets that same intent look.

Janis Bland said...

She's a darling little thing!